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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Person: person

In English, Person is a feature of personal and possessive pronouns, and of some verbs to mark agreement with its subject.

1: first person

In singular, the first person refers just to the speaker / author. In plural, it must include the speaker and one or more additional persons.


This feature is only used for pronouns and two inflections of be:

2: second person

In singular, the second person refers to the addressee of the utterance / text. In plural, it may mean several addressees and optionally some third persons too.


This feature is only used for pronouns:

3: third person

The third person refers to one or more persons that are neither speakers nor addressees.


It is used for the following pronouns:

Additionally, it is used for verbs that require a third person singular subject which have the PTB tag VBZ.

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