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This page pertains to UD version 2.

flat-foreign: flat phrase without a clear head, subcategory foreign words

We use flat:foreign to label sequences of foreign words. These are given a linear analysis: the head is the first token in the foreign phrase.

flat:foreign does not apply to loanwords or to foreign names. It applies to quoted foreign text incorporated in a sentence/discourse of the host language (unless we want to and know how to annotate the internal structure according to the syntax of the foreign language).

а таво помалі Сыктывкарса канму университет , " международные отношения " специальность . \n but this year I completed [my studies at] the Syktyvkar State University, specialization in "international relations" 
cc(помалі, а)
obl:tmod(помалі, таво)
nmod:lmod(университет, Сыктывкарса)
compound(университет, канму)
flat:foreign(международные, отношения)