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This page pertains to UD version 2.

punct: punctuation

This element is used for any piece of punctuation in a clause. The last punctuation mark of the sentence (usually a full stop or interrogative/exclamation point) always depends on the root; commas, apexes and punctuation elements depend on the head of the clause, or the complement, they refer to. In general, tokens with the relation punct always attach to content words (except in cases of ellipsis) and can never have dependents on their own.

" Chirac , ricorda ti Hiroshima "
punct(Chirac, "-1)
punct(Chirac, ,)
punct(Chirac, "-7)
I carri armati , quando si muovevano , andavano a Budapest
punct(carri, ,-4)
punct(muovevano, ,-8)

Punctuation marks separating coordinated units must be all attached to the first conjunct.

Proiettavano Dreyer , Bergman , Kazan , De Sica 
punct(Dreyer, ,-3)
punct(Dreyer, ,-5)
punct(Dreyer, ,-7)

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