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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PartType: particle type

Values: Emp Inf Int Mod Neg Vbp

Types of particles are found in various tagsets and are highly language-specific. The list here is not exhaustive. Language-specific documentation should provide a version of this page tailored to the given language.

Mod: modal particle

Examples: [bg] май (possibly), нека (let), [cs] ať, kéž, nechť (let)

Emp: particle of emphasis

Examples: [bg] даже (even)

Inf: infinitive marker

Examples: [en] to, [de] zu, [da] at, [sv] att

Int: question particle

Required in some languages to form a yes-no question.

Examples: [pl] czy

Neg: negation particle

Negates a clause or a smaller phrase.

Examples: [en] not, [de] nicht

Vbp: separated verb prefix in German

They are analogous to verbal particles in other Germanic languages, which again overlap with adpositions and adverbs. Do we want to tag them as adpositions/adverbs and add this feature?

Examples: [de] vor (in stellen Sie sich vor)

PartType in other languages: [af] [de] [ga] [gd] [gv] [pcm] [ro] [tl] [u] [uk] [zh]