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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PartType: PartType

Manx uses many of the same particles as Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and we have done our best to follow the annotation schemes in those treebanks.

Ad: adverbial

The particle dy is used before an adjective to create an adverbial phrase.


Comp: comparative

The comparative particle introduces a comparative adjective. This is historically a nominal, but is tagged as a particle for consistency with Irish.


Cmpl: complementizer

These complementizers are used to introduce a clausal complement.


Inf: infinitive

The particle y is used with a verbal noun to form the infinitive in Manx. The verb form is usually lenited.


Vb: verbal

Verbal particles include the negative particle cha and the negative relativizer nagh (the positive relativizer is usually omitted in Manx, unlike Irish).


Voc: vocative

The vocative particle is y, and is sometimes used to directly address someone.


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