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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PartType: PartType

These are mostly the same as in Irish.

Ad: adverbial

This particle, gu, is used with an adverb to create an adverbial phrase. It aspirates a following vowel.


Cmpl: complementizer

These complementizers (gun and variants, nach) are used to introduce a clausal complement.


Comp: comparative

The comparative particle is used for introducing a comparative adjective. Note that in the past tense it is na bu or na b’.


Inf: infinitive

The particle a is used with a verbal noun to form the infinitive. The verb form is lenited if possible.


Num: numeral

This is the counting particle which precedes numbers and aspirates a following vowel.


Pat: patronym

As in “Mac”, “Mhic” or “Nic” when part of a surname.


Vb: verbal

Can be used for the relative particle a or interrogative particles for example am/an.


Voc: vocative

The vocative particle is a and it goes with a word in the vocative case. Masculine nouns are lenited and slenderised, feminine nouns merely lenited.


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