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This page pertains to UD version 2.

csubj:pass: clausal passive subject

A clausal passive subject is a clausal syntactic subject of a passive clause.

That she lied was suspected by everyone
csubj:pass(suspected, lied)
Bylo mi doporučeno , abych to velmi dobře zvážil . \n It-has-been to-me recommended , that-I it very well weigh .
csubj:pass(doporučeno, zvážil)
csubj:pass(recommended, weigh)

Reflexive passive (the meaning is “You are not expected to come before nine o’clock.”)

Nepředpokládá se , že přijdete před devátou . \n It-does-not-expect itself , that you-will-come before nine .
csubj:pass(Nepředpokládá, přijdete)
csubj:pass(It-does-not-expect, you-will-come)

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