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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Evident: evidentiality

Evidentiality is a feature of verbs. It indicates the source of evidence for a given statement. It is often classified as a mood, but some linguists considers it an additional dimension alongside Tense/Aspect/Moodality.

Non-first-hand evidentiality is generally marked the suffix -mIş. However, in combination with other morphemes, -mIş does not necessarily mark evidentiality.

Fh: first hand

This is the default. The speaker has first-hand evidence for the statement/event.


(cf. the same examples below for Nfh)

Nfh: non-first hand

The speaker has indirect evidence for the statement.


Evident in other languages: [bor] [dar] [gub] [jaa] [ka] [ky] [tr] [u]