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This page pertains to UD version 2.

csubj: clausal subject

A clausal subject is a clausal syntactic subject of a clause, i.e., the subject is itself a clause.

Taking a nap will relax you !
csubj(relax, Taking)

The governor of this relation might not always be a verb: when the verb is a copular verb, the root of the clause is the complement of the copular verb:

Whether he lied is beside the point .
csubj(point, lied)
mark(lied, Whether)
nsubj(lied, he)
cop(point, is)
case(point, beside)
det(point, the)

Special cases include csubj:pass for clausal subjects of passive clauses, and csubj:outer for clausal subjects of copular clauses whose predicate is itself a clause.

This relation often occurs in extraposition constructions alongside expl. See further discussion and examples on the universal dependency page (u-dep/expl).

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