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This page pertains to UD version 2.

csubj: clausal subject

A clausal subject is a clausal syntactic subject of a clause, i.e., the subject is itself a clause. The governor of this relation might not always be a verb: when the verb is a copular verb, the root of the clause is the complement of the copular verb. The dependent is the main lexical verb or other predicate of the subject clause.

Забыть Ваню трудно . \n To-forget Vanya , it-is-hard .
csubj(трудно, Забыть)
csubj(it-is-hard, To-forget)

Note that the csubj:pass relation is used for the clausal subject of a passive verb or verb group.

Сколько платить , еще не решено. \t How-much to-pay has not yet been decided .
csubj:pass(решено, платить)
csubj(decided, to-pay)

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