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This page pertains to UD version 2.

csubj: clausal subject

A clausal subject (csubj) is a clausal syntactic subject of a clause, i.e., the subject is itself a clause. The governor of this relation might not always be a verb: when the verb is a copular verb, the root of the clause is the complement of the copular verb. The dependent is the main lexical verb or other predicate of the subject clause.

Orain ezinezkoa da engainatzea .

It is now impossible to deceive .

Orain ezinezkoa da engainatzea . \n Now impossible is to_deceive

advmod(da-3, Orain-1)
cop(ezinezkoa-2, da-3)
punct(ezinezkoa-2, .-5)

Hemen inor etxekotzat hartzea zail egiten da .

Here it is difficult to take someone as relative .

Hemen inor etxekotzat hartzea zail egiten da . \n Here someone relative_as to_take difficult is .

adv(egiten-6, Hemen-1)
xcomp(hartzea-4, etxekotzat-3)
xcomp(egiten-6, zail-5)
aux(egiten-6, da-7)
punct(egiten-6, .-8)

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