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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Foreign: is this a foreign word?

Values: Yes

Boolean feature. Is this a foreign word? Not a loan word and not a foreign name but a genuinely foreign word appearing inside native text, e.g. inside direct speech, titles of books etc. This feature would apply either to the u-pos/X part of speech (unanalyzable token), or to other parts of speech if we know and are willing to annotate the class to which the word belongs in its original language.

See discussion at Foreign Expressions and Code-Switching.

Historical Note: This feature is new in UD version 2. It was used as a language-specific addition in several treebanks in version 1 but it was not considered boolean and three values were foreseen. Since the additional values were used extremely rarely, they are not part of the universal definition of this feature in UD v2.

Yes: it is foreign

Example: [en] He said I could “dra åt helvete!

Foreign in other languages: [bej] [cs] [el] [es] [ga] [gub] [hy] [it] [ka] [qpm] [sl] [sv] [u]