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This page pertains to UD version 2.

expl:pass: reflexive pronoun used in reflexive passive

Reflexive pronouns (see the feature cs-feat/Reflex) are used in various constructions in Czech, including so-called reflexive passive. In PDT, their relation to the verb is labeled AuxR. The corresponding label in Czech UD is called expl:pass (since UD 2.0; in previous versions it was labeled auxpass:reflex).

To se řekne snadno . \n It is said easily .
expl:pass(řekne, se)
expl:pass(said, is)

In the following Czech example, archeologická výstava “archaeological exhibition” has switched to the nominative, it became the subject and thus we are dealing with the reflexive passive and not with an impersonal construction (expl:impers).

[cs] Rovněž se připravuje archeologická výstava. “An archaeological exhibition is also being prepared.”

Rovněž se připravuje archeologická výstava . \n Also REFL prepares archaeological exhibition .
punct(připravuje, .-6)
punct(prepares, .-13)
expl:pass(připravuje, se)
expl:pass(prepares, REFL)
advmod(připravuje, Rovněž)
advmod(prepares, Also)
nsubj:pass(připravuje, výstava)
nsubj:pass(prepares, exhibition)
amod(výstava, archeologická)
amod(exhibition, archaeological)

Compare the Czech example with Polish where wystawę archeologiczną “archaeological exhibition” is in the accusative case, hence it is still the object and not a subject, hence it is a reflexive impersonal construction and not a reflexive passive.

[pl] Przygotowuje się również wystawę archeologiczną. “An archaeological exhibition is also being prepared.”

Przygotowuje się również wystawę archeologiczną . \n Prepares REFL also exhibition archaeological .
punct(Przygotowuje, .-6)
punct(Prepares, .-13)
expl:impers(Przygotowuje, się)
expl:impers(Prepares, REFL)
advmod(Przygotowuje, również)
advmod(Prepares, also)
obj(Przygotowuje, wystawę)
obj(Prepares, exhibition)
amod(wystawę, archeologiczną)
amod(exhibition, archaeological)

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