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This page pertains to UD version 2.

expl:impers: impersonal expletive

The relation expl:impers is a sub-class of expl, specific for the impersonal use of the clitic pronoun si. We can have an impersonal construction for every verb (transitive or intransitive) when the role of subject is played by the clitic itself, as an undefined subject.

Si prevede che viaggerà .
expl:impers(prevede, Si)

If there’s a clitic in a construction with a modal or an auxiliary verb, than generally it is an impersonal construction.

Si può procedere a sequestro .
expl:impers(procedere, Si)

In the construction with both ci and si (construction of the impersonal ci), the first clitic is marked as expl, while si as expl:impers, as follows.

E' stata quello che ci si attendeva .
expl:impers(attendeva, si)
expl(attendeva, ci)

expl:impers in other languages: [it] [qpm] [u]