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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

INTJ: interjection

INTJ: interjection


An interjection is a word that is used most often as an exclamation or part of an exclamation. It typically expresses an emotional reaction, is not syntactically related to other accompanying expressions, and may include a combination of sounds not otherwise found in the language.

Note that words primarily belonging to another part of speech retain their original category when they are used in exclamations. For example, the exclamation Παναγία μου! / Panagia mou! “My Virgin Mary!” is assigned the tags PROPN and PRON in that order.

As a special case of interjection, we recognize feedback particles such as yes, no, uhuh, etc. Όχι / ochi “no/not” is typically used as an interjection INTJ with Polarity=Neg but it should be tagged as PART with Polarity=Neg if it is used like the English particle not, e.g., φέρε τον αναπτήρα, όχι τα σπίρτα / fere ton anaptira, ochi ta spirta “fetch the lighter, not the matches”.



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