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This page pertains to UD version 2.

INTJ: interjection


An interjection is a word that is used most often as an exclamation or part of an exclamation. It typically expresses an emotional reaction, is not syntactically related to other accompanying expressions, and may include a combination of sounds not otherwise found in the language. Note that in Armenian interjections contain infixed punctuation (exclamation and emphasis marks).

Note that words primarily belonging to another part of speech retains their original category when used in exclamations. For example, God in Աստծո սիրույն  “for God’s sake” is a NOUN even in exclamatory uses.

As a special case of interjections, we recognize feedback particles such as այո՛, ո՛չ, անշո՛ւշտ, չէ՛, etc.


(Note that no direct translation of interjections is possible. The approximate translations below are for orientation purposes and they cannot serve to judge the part of speech from the English perspective.)

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