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This page pertains to UD version 2.

INTJ: interjection


An interjection is a word that is used most often as an exclamation or part of an exclamation. It typically expresses an emotional reaction, is not syntactically related to other accompanying expressions, and may include a combination of sounds not otherwise found in the language. Note that words primarily belonging to another part of speech retain their original category when used in exclamations. For example, odlično “great” is an adverb even in exclamatory uses.

As a special case of interjections, the universal tagging scheme also recognizes feedback particles, such as ja “yes” and ne “no”. Given that most of the feedback signals in Slovenian can also be used as syntactically more or less dependent modal particles (to pa ja veš, ona itak nima pojma, tega ne maram, on je seveda poniknil etc.), they have not been converted to INTJ and remain annotated as particles in the current version of the Slovenian UD Treebank.


Conversion from JOS.

All JOS interjections become INTJ.

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