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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Foreign: is this a foreign word?

Values: Yes

Boolean feature. Is this a foreign word? Not a loan word but a genuinely foreign word appearing inside native text, e.g. inside direct speech, titles of books etc.

Note that Czech data (especially those from the PDT) often indicate the original part of speech of foreign words. Thus this feature may occur with any POS tag. If the original part of speech is not known, the feature will accompany the cs-pos/X tag.

Yes: it is foreign



Prague Dependency Treebank

For proper nouns the borderline between foreign words and loan words is somewhat fuzzy, so e.g. the English personal name George  is marked as foreign even though it would not normally be translated (except for names of rulers and saints, which would become Jiří).

Articles in foreign names (the, die, le)  are tagged cs-pos/ADJ, not cs-pos/DET.

Foreign in other languages: [bej] [cs] [el] [es] [ga] [gub] [hy] [it] [ka] [qpm] [sl] [sv] [u]