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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Reflex: reflexive

Boolean feature of pronouns or determiners. It tells whether the word is reflexive, i.e. refers to the subject of its clause. Unlike in Czech, the reciprocal and reflexive meanings in Ukrainian are carried by the special reflexive verbal postfix *ся, thus the reflexive pronoun is much less loaded semantically and functionally.

Reflexive pronouns function as reflexive object of a verb, which means that the object is the same entity as the subject: Ігор купив собі машину.  = “Igor bought himself a car” vs. Ігор купив йому машину.  = “Igor bought him [someone else] a car”

Reflexive possessives indicate that the subject of the clause is the possessor:

Yes: it is reflexive

Note that there is no No value. If the word is not reflexive, the Reflex feature will just not be mentioned in the FEAT column. (Which means that empty value has the No meaning.)


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