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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Treebank Statistics: UD_Ancient_Greek-Perseus: Features: Mood

This feature is universal. It occurs with 4 different values: Imp, Ind, Opt, Sub.

23028 tokens (11%) have a non-empty value of Mood. 11202 types (27%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Mood. 2900 lemmas (22%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Mood. The feature is used with 2 part-of-speech tags: VERB (23025; 11% instances), X (3; 0% instances).


23025 VERB tokens (61% of all VERB tokens) have a non-empty value of Mood.

The most frequent other feature values with which VERB and Mood co-occurred: VerbForm=Fin (23025; 100%), Case=EMPTY (23020; 100%), Gender=EMPTY (23019; 100%), Person=3 (17615; 77%), Number=Sing (17435; 76%), Aspect=EMPTY (16846; 73%), Voice=Act (16394; 71%), Tense=Past (15252; 66%).

VERB tokens may have the following values of Mood:

Paradigm εἰμίIndImpSubOpt
Aspect=Imp|Number=Sing|Person=1|Tense=Past|Voice=Actἦ, ἔα, ἦν, ἔσκον, ἦα
Aspect=Imp|Number=Sing|Person=2|Tense=Past|Voice=Actἦσθα, ἦσθ̓, ἔας, ἔησθα
Aspect=Imp|Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Pastἔσκε, ἔσκεν
Aspect=Imp|Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Past|Voice=Actἦν, ἦεν, ἔην, ἔσκε, εἴη, ἔσκον
Aspect=Imp|Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Past|Voice=Midἔσκε, ἔσκεν
Aspect=Imp|Number=Plur|Person=2|Tense=Past|Voice=Actἦσθ̓, ἦτε
Aspect=Imp|Number=Plur|Person=3|Tense=Past|Voice=Actἦσαν, ἔσαν, ἣν
Number=Sing|Person=1|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actεἰμι, εἰμὶ, εἰμ̓, εἰμί, εἴμ̓ἔω, ὦεἴην
Number=Sing|Person=2|Tense=Fut|Voice=Midἔσει, ἔσσεαι, ἔσῃ, ἔσσῃ
Number=Sing|Person=2|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actἐσσι, εἶ, εἰς, ἐσσίᾖςεἴης
Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Futἔσται, ἔσσεται
Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Fut|Voice=Midἔσται, ἔσσεται, ἐσσεῖται
Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actἐστὶ, ἐστι, ἐστιν, ἐστὶν, ἐστί, ἔστι, ἔστ̓, ἐστίν, ἔστιν, ἐστ̓, ἔσθ̓, ̓στ̓, ̓στί, ̓στὶ, κἄστ̓, στί, ἐσθ̓ἔστωᾖ, ἔῃ, ᾖσινεἴη
Number=Dual|Person=2|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actἐστὸν, ἐστόν
Number=Plur|Person=1|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actεἰμεν, εἰμὲν, ἐσμὲν, ἐσμέν, ἐσμεν
Number=Plur|Person=2|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actἐστε, ἐστὲ, ἔστ̓ἔστε
Number=Plur|Person=3|Tense=Fut|Voice=Midἔσονται, ἔσσονται
Number=Plur|Person=3|Tense=Pres|Voice=Actεἰσὶ, εἰσι, εἰσιν, εἰσὶν, ἔασιν, εἰσί, εἰσίν, εἰσ̓, ἔασιἔστων, ἔστωσανὦσιν, ἔωσι, ἔωσινεἶεν, εἴησαν


3 X tokens (7% of all X tokens) have a non-empty value of Mood.

The most frequent other feature values with which X and Mood co-occurred: Case=EMPTY (3; 100%), Gender=EMPTY (3; 100%), Number=Plur (2; 67%).

X tokens may have the following values of Mood:

Relations with Agreement in Mood

The 10 most frequent relations where parent and child node agree in Mood: VERB –[conj]–> VERB (3788; 94%), VERB –[parataxis]–> VERB (73; 78%), VERB –[appos]–> VERB (5; 100%).