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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound:prt: compound:prt

This language-specific relation is used for verbal particles in Norwegian and describes the relation of the particle to its verbal head.

Particles exhibit a number of syntactic properties which sets them apart from regular prepositions. For instance, a pronominal object may intercede the verb and the preposition in the particle case satte den på “put it on”, but not in the case of a regular preposition and its complement *lette den etter “*looked it for”, and only complements of a preposition may occur in an impersonal passive Det ble lett etter den nye boka “It was looked for the new book”, but an object in a particle construction may not *Det ble satt den på “*It was put it on”.

Den gang ble alt samlet inn \n That time all was collected
Regjeringen har lagt frem et raust statsbudsjett \n The government has put forward a generous budget
Forskningsrådet delte onsdag kveld ut to sentrale priser \n The research council handed out to central prizes Wednesday evening

References Kari Kinn, Per Erik Solberg and Pål Kristian Eriksen. “NDT Guidelines for Morphological Annotation”. National Library Tech Report.

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