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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NOUN: noun


Nouns are a part of speech typically denoting a person, place, thing, animal or idea.

The NOUN tag is intended for common nouns only. See PROPN for proper nouns and PRON for pronouns.

Stems of nominal verbs (e.g. 質問  “question”) are also tagged with NOUN when they are used as nouns (e.g. 質問 が ありません “there is no question”). Note that they are tagged VERB, when they function as verbs in being followed by an auxiliary verb (e.g. する).

Prefixes, suffixes and numeral classifiers (e.g. of 3 の猫 “three cats”) are also classified into NOUN, since they are the main notion of the noun phrases.

In UniDic, these words are tagged with noun / 名詞-普通名詞-一般 or 名詞-普通名詞-副詞可能 or 名詞-普通名詞-サ変可能 or 名詞-普通名詞-形状詞可能 or 名詞-普通名詞-サ変形状詞可能, and adjective (na) / 形状詞-助動詞語幹, and prefix / 接頭辞, and symbol / 記号, and foreign word / 外国語.


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