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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nummod: numeric modifier

A numeric modifier of a noun is any number phrase that serves to modify the meaning of the noun with a quantity, both when the number is written in letters and in digits. In Italian this relation is only attested for POS NUM elements, so please do not use it with indefinite quantifiers, which are DET elements.

Corriere Sport da pagina 23 a pagina 26 .
nummod(pagina-4, 23)
nummod(pagina-7, 26)
Due ragazze e un uomo .
nummod(ragazze, Due)
nmod(uomo, un)

Please note that, in dates, years should be marked as nmod, while the day is a numeric modifier. The month is the head.

Feb 26 , 2014 .
nummod(Feb, 26)
nmod(Feb, 2014)

There are very few cases where nummod is used to mark indices of lists.

a ) trasporti ad hoc \n b ) emanazioni di norme nazionali
nummod(trasporti, a)
nummod(emanazioni , b)

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