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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nummod: numeric modifier

Numeric modifiers of a noun or NP such as cardinal numbers, are marked with the nummod dependency type. Quantifiers are also included.


don aoisghrúpa faoi ocht mbliana `for the under eights age group’

don aoisghrúpa faoi ocht mbliana \n for_the age_group under eight years
nummod(mbliana, ocht)

I gceann cúig bliana `within five years’

I gceann cúig bliana \n In time_of five years
nummod(bliana, cúig)

ina bhfuil 27 Ballstát `in which there are 27 Member States’

ina bhfuil 27 Ballstát \n in_which are 27 Member_States
nummod(Ballstát, 27)

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