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This page pertains to UD version 2.

amod: adjectival modifier

An adjectival modifier is any adjective that serves to modify the meaning of a nominal head. In Italian, adjectival modifiers can occur both in pre- and post-nominal position. Note that in Italian the class of adjectives also includes ordinal numerals which thus can be adjectival modifiers (always depending on the context). Adjectives can be found as modifiers of nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs and other adjectives.

la magistratura/NOUN militare
amod(magistratura, militare)
i prossimi giorni/NOUN
amod(giorni, prossimi)
la prima segnalazione/NOUN
amod(segnalazione, prima)
Qualcun/PRON altro/ADJ 
amod(Qualcun, altro)
Lasciato/VERB solo/ADJ 
amod(Lasciato, solo)
adottare principi/NOUN il più/ADV possibile/ADJ semplici/ADJ 
amod(semplici, possibile)
amod(principi, semplici)
advmod(possibile, più)

There are no instances of adjectives as sentence root in Italian, unless they are part of a verbal predicate with the verb essere as copula.

ROOT I magistrati sono inamovibili/ADJ .
root(ROOT, inamovibili)
cop(inamovibili, sono)

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