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This page pertains to UD version 2.

amod: adjectival modifier

An adjectival modifier of an NP is any adjectival phrase that serves to modify the meaning of the NP.


Descriptive adjectives

tíortha forbathadeveloped countries’

tíortha forbatha \n countries developed
amod(tíortha, forbatha)

bláthanna bánglaswhite or green flowers’

bláthanna bán nó glas \n flowers white or green
amod(bláthanna, bán)
amod(bláthanna, glas)

Indefinite adjectives

Baineann na prionsabail chéanna leis ‘The same principles apply’

Baineann na prionsabail chéanna leis \n Relate the principles same with_it
amod(prionsabail, chéanna)

daoine áirithecertain people’

daoine áirithe \n people certain
amod(daoine, áirithe)

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