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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Form: Form

Form was introduced as a language specific feature for Irish and we have extended it here to Manx in order to mark initial mutations. This is particularly important in Manx because (unlike Irish and Scottish Gaelic), the mutation in question are not completely transparent given only a surface token.

Ecl: eclipsis

This feature occurs when the initial consonant or vowel of a word is eclipsed by a prefixing consonant. This is either a voiced consonant for voiceless consonants or a nasalised consonant for voiced consonants.


Emp: emphatic

The emphatic form is a special form a word takes to mark emphasis in Manx.


Len: lenition

Lenition is by far the most common means of initial mutation in the treebank.


HPref: h-prefix

In certain contexts, usually triggered by the preceding word, an ”h” is prefixed to an initial vowel:


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