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This page pertains to UD version 2.

xcomp:pred: predicate

We follow the Irish UD treebank by using the label xcomp:pred to mark predicates of the substantive verb bee (to be), which can have predicate arguments in the form of adverbial, adjectival and prepositional phrases.

As in Irish, this differs from copular constructions.


Adjectival Predicate

Nagh vel oo maynrey \n NEG are you happy
xcomp:pred(vel, maynrey)
nsubj(vel, oo)

PP Predicate

Ta 'n lioar ass clou \n Is the book out-of print
case(clou, ass)
xcomp:pred(Ta, clou)
nsubj(Ta, lioar)

Adverbial Predicate

Cuin vees ee back \n When will-be she back
xcomp:pred(vees, back)

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