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This page pertains to UD version 2.

csubj:cleft: relative clause modifier

There are two constructions that use a copula and a relative clause modifier, ‘S ann and ‘S e.


Air m' onair, 's e gnothaich cudromach a tha sa chontract. \n On my honour, COP EXPL business important PART is in\_the contract
csubj:cleft(gnothaich, tha)
cop(gnothaich, 's)
fixed('s, e)
Sann á bàrdachd a bha iad a' faighinn am beò-shlàint. \n COP EXPL from poetry PART was they PART getting their livelihood.
csubj:cleft(bàrdachd, bha)
cop(bàrdachd, Sann)

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