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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Treebank Statistics: UD_Western_Sierra_Puebla_Nahuatl-ITML: Features: Animacy[obj]

This feature is language-specific. It occurs with 2 different values: Hum, Nhum.

59 tokens (1%) have a non-empty value of Animacy[obj]. 48 types (2%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Animacy[obj]. 37 lemmas (2%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Animacy[obj]. The feature is used with 1 part-of-speech tags: VERB (59; 1% instances).


59 VERB tokens (3% of all VERB tokens) have a non-empty value of Animacy[obj].

The most frequent other feature values with which VERB and Animacy[obj] co-occurred: VerbForm=Fin (59; 100%), Subcat=Tran (58; 98%), Number[obj]=EMPTY (55; 93%), Mood=Ind (51; 86%), Person[obj]=3 (45; 76%), Aspect=EMPTY (39; 66%), Number[subj]=Sing (37; 63%), Person[subj]=3 (31; 53%).

VERB tokens may have the following values of Animacy[obj]:

Paradigm macaHumNhum

Animacy[obj] seems to be lexical feature of VERB. 97% lemmas (36) occur only with one value of Animacy[obj].