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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NameType: type of named entity

Classification of named entities (token-based, no nesting of entities etc.) The feature applies mainly to the ru-pos/PROPN tag; in multi-word foreign names, adjectives may also have this feature (they preserve the ADJ tag but at the same time they would not exist in Russian otherwise than in the named entity).

The following table lists the name types together with the most frequent examples.

_;Ygiven nameАлександр, Игорь, Петр“Александр, Игорь, Петр”
patronymicПетрович, Петровна, Иванна“Петрович, Петровна, Иванна”
_;SsurnameИванов, Петров, Кожевников“Иванов, Петров, Кожевников”
zoonymМурка, Буренка, Бимбо“Мурка, Буренка, Бимбо”
_;Ggeographical nameМосква, Россия, Азия“Москва, Россия, Азия”
_;Kcompany, organization, institutionАфиша, Просвещение, МТС“Афиша, Просвещение, МТС”
_;RproductМерседес, Тайд“Мерседес, Тайд”
_;mother proper name: names of mines, stadiums, guerilla bases etc.Лужники, Крокус Сити Холл“Лужники, Крокус Сити Холл”

Prs: name of person

This value is used if it is not known whether it is a given or a family name, but it is known that it is a personal name.


Giv: given name of person

Given name (not family name). Can be either the first name or, in formal speech, the second name in Russian names.


Pat: given name of person

Patronymic name (the second component of a polite personal name based on the given name of one’s father).


Sur: surname / family name of person

Family name (surname). This is usually the last name in European and American names. In Chinese names, the first syllable (of three) is usually the surname.


Zoo: animal name (zoonym)

Names of individual pet animals, talking animals in fiction, etc.


Geo: geographical name

Names of cities, countries, rivers, mountains etc. In Russian treebanks, Geo is also assigned to local (informal) toponyms and astronomical objects.


Com: company, organization


Pro: product


Oth: other


Names of stadiums, guerilla bases, events etc.

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