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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NameType: type of named entity

Values: Com Geo Giv Nat Oth Pro Prs Sur

Classification of named entities (token-based, no nesting of entities etc.) The feature applies mainly to the cs-pos/PROPN tag; in multi-word foreign names, adjectives may also have this feature (they preserve the ADJ tag but at the same time they would not exist in Czech otherwise than in the named entity).

Conversion from the Prague Dependency Treebank

Lemmas in PDT contain features that also encode types of named entities. When converting the PDT annotation to UD, these lemma features are removed and the feature NameType is added to the universal features to preserve the type.

The following table lists the name types together with the most frequent examples. See http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/techrep/tr27.pdf, page 8, section 2.1 (Lemma structure) for more details.

_;Ygiven nameJan, Jiří, Václav, Petr, Josef“Jan, Jiří, Václav, Petr, Josef”
_;SsurnameKlaus, Havel, Němec, Jelcin, Svoboda“Klaus, Havel, Němec, Yeltsin, Svoboda”
_;Emember of a particular nation, inhabitant of a particular territoryNěmec, Čech, Srb, Američan, Slovák“German, Czech, Serbian, American, Slovak”
_;Ggeographical namePraha, ČR, Evropa, Německo, Brno“Prague, CR, Europe, Germany, Brno”
_;Kcompany, organization, institutionODS, OSN, Sparta, ODA, Slavia“ODS, UN, Sparta, ODA, Slavia”
_;RproductLN, Mercedes, Tatra, PC, MF“LN, Mercedes, Tatra, PC, MF”
_;mother proper name: names of mines, stadiums, guerilla bases etc.US, PVP, Prix, Rapaport, Tour“US, PVP, Prix, Rapaport, Tour”

Geo: geographical name

Names of cities, countries, rivers, mountains etc.


Giv: given name of person

Given name (not family name). This is usually the first name in European and American names. In Chinese names, the last two syllables (of three) are usually the given name.


Sur: surname / family name of person

Family name (surname). This is usually the last name in European and American names. In Chinese names, the first syllable (of three) is usually the surname.


Nat: nationality

Name denoting a member of a particular nation, or inhabitant of a particular territory. This does not include derived adjectives, nor nouns denoting languages (both groups are written in lowercase). Thus Čech  “Czech [man]” belongs here but český  “Czech” and čeština  “Czech [language]” do not.


Com: company, organization


Pro: product


Oth: other

Names of stadiums, guerilla bases, events etc.


NameType in other languages: [cs] [hy] [ka] [la] [mdf] [myv] [orv] [ru] [u]