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This page pertains to UD version 2.

list: list

list is used for list items.

The relation is mostly used in the PoSTWITA-UD treebank for examples like the following:

TT ITALIA 05:28 1. #cinemaInChiesa 2. #serviziopubblico 3. #Grillo 4. Trota 5. Levon Helm 6. Damon and Elena 7. Prince Of Persia 8. Lega
list(TT, #cinemaInChiesa)
list(TT, #serviziopubblico)
list(TT, #Grillo)
list(TT, Trota)
list(TT, Levon)
list(TT, Damon)
list(TT, Prince)
list(TT, Lega)

list covers bullet points, numbered lists and similar cases, as illustrated above. However it does not cover list items constructed with coordinating conjunctions and punctuation: those cases are covered by the dependency relations cc and conj.

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