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This page pertains to UD version 2.

UD for French

Tokenization and Word Segmentation

For more details, see tokenization.



This is an overview only. For more detailed discussion and examples, see the list of French POS tags and French features.


Instruction: Describe inherent and inflectional features for major word classes (at least NOUN and VERB). Describe other noteworthy features. Include links to language-specific feature definitions if any.


Instruction: Give criteria for identifying core arguments (subjects and objects), and describe the range of copula constructions in nonverbal clauses. List all subtype relations used. Include links to language-specific relations definitions if any.


There are eight French UD treebanks:

Note that the corpus UD_French-FTB was not updated since 2018 and may not follow the more rencent description given in these guidelines.