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This page pertains to UD version 2.

aux:caus: causative auxiliary

The aux:caus relation is used to link the infinitive verb (i.e. the governor) and the causative verb in a causative construction. In French, only the lemma faire is used as a cuasative auxiliary. The syntactical subject of the sentence (i.e. the causer) receives a nsubj:caus link. The initial agent of the action described by the sentence is demoted and will either be anotated with an iobj:agent, an obj:agent or an obl:agent relation.

Marie a fait asseoir Pierre . \n Marie made Pierre sit.

The corpora UD_French-PUD does not use the aux:caus relation but xcomp for this construction.

N.B.: For more details about the analysis of causatives see this page.