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Voice: voice

This document is a placeholder for the language-specific documentation for Voice.

Treebank Statistics (UD_Greek)

This feature is universal. It occurs with 2 different values: Act, Pass.

6688 tokens (11%) have a non-empty value of Voice. 2926 types (26%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Voice. 952 lemmas (15%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Voice. The feature is used with 1 part-of-speech tags: el-pos/VERB (6688; 11% instances).


6688 el-pos/VERB tokens (100% of all VERB tokens) have a non-empty value of Voice.

The most frequent other feature values with which VERB and Voice co-occurred: Mood=Ind (6222; 93%), Person=3 (5151; 77%), Number=Sing (4004; 60%).

VERB tokens may have the following values of Voice:

Paradigm είμαιActPass
Number=Plur|Person=3|Tense=Pastήτανήταν, ήσαν

Relations with Agreement in Voice

The 10 most frequent relations where parent and child node agree in Voice: VERB –[ccomp]–> VERB (643; 73%), VERB –[conj]–> VERB (355; 61%), VERB –[advcl]–> VERB (341; 65%), VERB –[csubj]–> VERB (171; 58%), VERB –[aux]–> VERB (118; 54%), VERB –[cop]–> VERB (39; 59%), VERB –[dep]–> VERB (15; 71%), VERB –[xcomp]–> VERB (4; 80%), VERB –[appos]–> VERB (2; 100%).

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