Universal Dependencies (UD) is a framework for cross-linguistically consistent treebank annotation that has so far been applied to over 80 languages ( The framework is aiming to capture similarities as well as idiosyncrasies among typologically different languages (e.g., morphologically rich languages, pro-drop languages, and languages featuring clitic doubling). The goal in developing UD was not only to support comparative evaluation and cross-lingual learning but also to facilitate multilingual natural language processing and enable comparative linguistic studies.

The Universal Dependencies workshop series was started to create a forum for discussion of the theory and practice of UD, its use in research and development, and its future goals and challenges. The three workshops so far were held at NoDaLiDa in Gothenburg (2017), at EMNLP in Brussels (2018) and at SyntaxFest in Paris (2019). The fourth workshop on Universal Dependencies invites papers on all topics relevant to UD, including but not limited to:

  • theoretical foundations and universal guidelines
  • linguistic analysis of specific languages and/or constructions
  • language typology and linguistic universals
  • treebank annotation, conversion and validation
  • word segmentation, morphological tagging and syntactic parsing
  • downstream applications in natural language processing
  • linguistic studies based on the UD data

Priority will be given to papers that adopt a cross-lingual perspective.

We invite two types of papers: long papers (maximum length of eight (8) pages of content) as well as short papers (maximum length of four (4) pages of content), and should report substantially original research. Reviews will be double-blind. Papers will be presented as oral presentations or posters. All will be included in the proceedings published in the ACL Anthology, where no distinction will be made on the basis of mode of presentation.

In addition to unpublished work, in the spirit of promoting discussion about UD, we also solicit papers on related topics that have already appeared elsewhere. These papers will not be published in the UDW-20 proceedings.


We are now inviting authors of accepted papers at ‘Findings of EMNLP’ to present their work at UDW-20. To submit your paper for a presentation slot, please send an email to by Friday October 2, 2020 with:

  • Your paper
  • One or two sentences explaining why it would be a good fit for the scope of UDW-20.