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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Treebank Statistics: UD_Romanian-Nonstandard: Features: Strength

This feature is language-specific. It occurs with 2 different values: Strong, Weak.

36865 tokens (6%) have a non-empty value of Strength. 234 types (1%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Strength. 27 lemmas (0%) occur at least once with a non-empty value of Strength. The feature is used with 1 part-of-speech tags: PRON (36865; 6% instances).


36865 PRON tokens (57% of all PRON tokens) have a non-empty value of Strength.

The most frequent other feature values with which PRON and Strength co-occurred: PronType=Prs (36865; 100%), Gender=EMPTY (27087; 73%), Case=Acc (25325; 69%), Person=3 (25180; 68%).

PRON tokens may have the following values of Strength:

Paradigm elStrongWeak
Case=Acc|Gender=Masc|Number=Sing|Person=3el, elu, еl, -l, ei, l--l, l-, l, îl, i-, lu, el, -i, îlu, îi, li-, Il, o
Case=Acc|Gender=Masc|Number=Plur|Person=3ei, -i, lor, îi-i, i-, îi, -l, i, îl, ei, le, l, l-, le-, li
Case=Acc|Gender=Fem|Number=Sing|Person=3ia, ea, -o, o, eio, -o, o-, ia, -l, l, li-
Case=Acc|Gender=Fem|Number=Plur|Person=3iale, ele, le, eale, iale, le-, -le, li, li-, o, -i, -li
Case=Acc|Number=Sing|Person=1mă, -Mă, m-
Case=Dat|Gender=Masc|Number=Sing|Person=3lui, ei, lor
Case=Dat|Number=Sing|Person=2lui-i, i-
Case=Dat|Number=Sing|Person=3-i, i-, i, îi, le-, -l, -le, le, lui, e, l-, lă
Case=Dat|Number=Plur|Person=3lor, ei, lui, lorule, le-, li, -le, li-, lă, lor, -i, -li, I-, i, l

Relations with Agreement in Strength

The 10 most frequent relations where parent and child node agree in Strength: PRON –[conj]–> PRON (22; 54%), PRON –[csubj]–> PRON (1; 100%).