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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound:redup: reduplicated compounds

This subtype of compound covers a range of reduplicated forms in Turkish. Reduplication is a common process especially for adverbs and adjectives. Except for m-reduplication (see below), the head is the last word.

The reduplication typically involves two identical words, but some morpho-phonological alternations (as in m-reduplication in example 3 below) are possible.

Koca koca adamlar oyun oynuyorlar . \n _Big (+emph)_ men are playing games .
compound:redup(koca-2, Koca-1)
Açık açık söylüyorum . \n I am telling it _clearly_
compound:redup(açık-2, Açık-1)
Araba maraba almışlar . \n They bought (a) car (and things like that)
compound:redup(Araba, maraba)

For lexicalized multi-word items with repetition where one or more of the words are not free lexemes, (e.g. paldır küldür, ufak tefek), we use fixed.

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