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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound:lvc: light verb construction

This subtype of compound covers light verbs. In a light-verb construction the verb that does not have much semantic content. The semantics of the construction is determined by the non-head word, often a noun or adjective.

Onlar treni tercih ediyor . \n The prefer the train .
compound:lvc(ediyor, tercih)
obj(ediyor, treni)
subj(ediyor, Onlar)

Most common verbs that act like as a light verb is et-. However, many other are possible.

Yıllarca çile çektiler . \n They suffered for years .
compound:lvc(çektiler, çile)

Although the semantically loaded component of a light-verb construction is generally an adjective or a noun, it is common to observe verbs in this position particularly in code-switching settings.

Partiyi  cancel ettik . \n We canceled the party
compound:lvc(ettik, cancel)

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