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This page pertains to UD version 2.

AdpType: adposition type

Values: Comadp Prep Post

Armenian has prepositions and postpositions, but not circumpositions.

Prep: preposition


Post: postposition


Comadp: dependent part of compound adposition

This value marks dependent first or second part of a compound adposition. This word cannot occur alone. Not all compound prepositions contain words marked Comadp. Many compound prepositions consist of prepositions and a noun (e.g. ի սեր “for the love of”, ի պատիվ “in honor of” ). Sometimes there are just two words, the first one is normal postposition and the second one is a secondary postposition (etymologically some other part of speech, but it has been frozen as a postposition) as in դեմ հանդիման “in front of”.


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