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This page pertains to UD version 2.

AdpType: adposition type

Values: Comprep Prep Voc

Czech has neither postpositions nor circumpositions but there are several forms of prepositions that this feature distinguishes.

Prep: (normal) preposition


Voc: vocalized preposition

Some Czech prepositions are non-syllabic and their form has to be changed in some contexts to facilitate pronunciation. Moreover, some syllabic prepositions are altered too, if the following word starts with certain consonant clusters.


The first line shows examples of vocalized preposition forms, the second line shows corresponding base forms.

Comprep: dependent part of compound preposition

This value marks dependent first part of a compound preposition. This word cannot occur alone. Not all compound prepositions contain words marked Comprep. Many compound prepositions consist of two normal prepositions and a noun (an example is na rozdíl od “in contrast to”). Sometimes there are just two words, the second one is normal preposition and the first one is a secondary preposition (etymologically some other part of speech, but it has been frozen as a preposition).


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