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This page pertains to UD version 2.

csubj:cop: clausal subject of copular construction

Following the Irish treebank, a clausal copular subject (csubj:cop) is used to label a clause that acts as the subject of another (copular) clause. As in all copular clauses, the predicate acts as the head of the clause and hence it is also the governor of the copular subject.



S' treisht lhiam dy vel shiu braew \n Is hope with-me that are you-PL good
csubj:cop(treisht, vel)

Verbal Noun

By vie lhiam gynsaghey clickyn da \n Would-be good with-me teaching tricks to-him
cop(vie, By)
csubj:cop(vie, gynsaghey)
obj(gynsaghey, clickyn)

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