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This page pertains to UD version 2.

obl:prep: prepositional pronouns

obl:prep, used for prepositional pronouns, is a UD Irish subtype of the obl relation:

(previously nmod:prep)

16 of the most common Irish simple prepositions can be inflected to mark pronominal objects. These are referred to as pronominal prepositions or prepositional pronouns. We regard these as playing nominal modifier roles instead of prepositional modifier roles.


agam “at me”; leis “with him”, uainn “from us”

D’inis mé di ‘I told her

D' inis mé di \n  [] told I to_her
obl:prep(inis, di)

Is dóigh leis go bhfuil páirtíocht acu lena chéile `He believes that they have a partnership together’

Is dóigh leis go bhfuil páirtíocht acu lena chéile \n Is belief with_him that is partnership at_them with each_other
obl:prep(dóigh, leis)
obl:prep(bhfuil, acu)

Níl fhios agam ‘I don’t know’

Níl fhios agam \n Is_not knowledge at_me

Note, the label obl:prep is also used for adpositional prepositions also. See below.

Tháinig an féar glas ann ‘The grass became green there

Tháinig an féar glas ann . \n Came the grass green in_it . 
obl:prep(Tháinig, ann)

obl:prep in other languages: [ga]