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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

CCONJ: coordinating conjunction

A coordinating conjunction is a word that links words or larger constituents without syntactically subordinating one to the other and expresses a semantic relationship between them.

που is assigned the tag PRON if it refers to a noun, e.g. Έχουμε πολλές πληροφορίες, που.PRON δεν οδηγούν όμως πουθενά “we have much information that, however, leads to nowhere”. However, it is assigned the tag CCONJ when it introduces an etiological clause (criterion: in this case, it can be replaced with the word γιατί resulting into different style probably), e.g., Δεν σε χωνεύει που έρχεσαι τακτικά στο Μοναστήρι. “He does not like you because you are regular to the Monastery.”

In correlative (paired) coordinating conjuctions such as είτε - είτε or ή - ή “either - or”, both words are annotated `CCONJ’.

For subordinating conjunctions, see SCONJ.


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