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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Treebank Statistics: UD_Tamil-MWTT: POS Tags: PART

There are 1 PART lemmas (0%), 1 PART types (0%) and 2 PART tokens (0%). Out of 13 observed tags, the rank of PART is: 13 in number of lemmas, 13 in number of types and 12 in number of tokens.

The 10 most frequent PART lemmas: தான்

The 10 most frequent PART types: தான்

The 10 most frequent ambiguous lemmas: தான் (PRON 17, ADV 2, PART 2)

The 10 most frequent ambiguous types:


The form / lemma ratio of PART is 1.000000 (the average of all parts of speech is 1.743028).

The 1st highest number of forms (1) was observed with the lemma “தான்”: தான்.

PART does not occur with any features.


PART nodes are attached to their parents using 2 different relations: advmod:emph (1; 50% instances), nmod (1; 50% instances)

Parents of PART nodes belong to 2 different parts of speech: ADP (1; 50% instances), NOUN (1; 50% instances)

2 (100%) PART nodes are leaves.

The highest child degree of a PART node is 0.