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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Animacy: animacy

In contrast to some other languages, the Slovenian tagset does not consider Animacy to be a lexical feature, as certain types of inanimate nouns, such as institutions, personified objects, brand names etc., often take on both semantic and grammatical features of animate nouns.

Animacy is thus only marked as an inflectional feature of masculine nouns and proper nouns to distinguish between animate and inanimate word forms in accusative singular, e.g. Odstrigla si je koder. “She cut off a curl.” (inanimate) vs. Videla je kodra. “She saw a poodle.” (animate).

Anim: animate


Animate value is attributed to masculine nouns in accusative singular usually ending in -a:

Note that grammatical animatness can also apply to semantically inanimate nouns, such as car names, personified objects, brand names, card names etc.

Inan: inanimate


Inanimate value is attributed to all other masculine nouns in accusative singular:

Conversion from JOS

All nouns with Animate=yes are converted to Animacy=Anim and all nouns with Animate=no are converted to Animacy=Inan.

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