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This page pertains to UD version 2.

SYM: symbol


A symbol is a word-like entity that differs from ordinary words by form, function, or both. What makes them different from punctuation is that they can be substituted by normal words. This involves all currency symbols, e.g. ¥100 is identical to hundres yen. These words are tagged with symbol / 記号 or supplementary_symbol / 補助記号 in UniDic.

Puntuations are classified into PUNCT, while they also have supplementary_symbol / 補助記号 tag, they are distinguished by the subcategories of UniDic POS, e.g. supplementary_symbol (period) / 補助記号-句点.

Mathematical operators form another group of symbols.

Another group of symbols is emoticon and emoji including ascii art symbols tagged with supplementary_symbol(ascii_art.emoticon) / 補助記号-AA-顔文字 in UniDic.


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