The IWPT 2021 Shared Task will be on parsing into Enhanced Universal Dependencies (EUD). In recent years, Universal Dependencies (UD)—the de-facto standard target representation in surface-syntactic dependency parsing—have grown a second layer of structure, called enhanced dependencies, where grammatical relations that cannot be adequately represented in pure rooted trees are encoded, for example control relations and argument sharing in relative clauses, shared dependencies involving coordinate structures, and dependencies involving ellipsis. Enhanced dependencies call for non-tree graphs with reentrancies, cycles, and empty nodes.

Data for the shared task consists of the treebanks in UD release 2.7 that contain enhanced annotation, plus French. The task will be parsing from raw strings into EUD according to the guidelines at Evaluation will measure performance per phenomenon and will take into account the fact that not all treebanks cover all of the phenomena listed in the EUD guidelines.

Details will be announced on