Paper Submission Format and Procedure

Each team which has submitted a system that has produced valid results is invited to submit a system description paper.

Presentation details are not yet fixed at the moment. We will follow IWPT2020 and ACL2020’s recommendations.

Format and length

The system description papers must describe the approach taken to perform parsing (and tokenization, morphology and tagging if it is part of your system), and provide an informative analysis of the results. We encourage authors to include information on training/evaluation times and memory requirements (if available). This will facilitate comparisons on several dimensions besides the main metrics. The system description papers need not describe the shared task itself. This will be covered in the task description paper (see below for a proper reference). The system description papers may report results of post-evaluation systems in addition to the official scores, as long as these results are marked as post-evaluation. In any case, please do report your official scores from the Shared Task website.

System description papers must follow the following constraints:

  • 6 pages + references + appendices
  • Not anonymous
  • Should emphasis on replicibality (ie include proper citations and references of all tools, data set, pre-trained models, etc.).

If you have already published the core ideas of your system, please cite it properly. Please bear in mind that the IWPT 2020 Shared Task papers are system description papers, and as such should be different from research papers describing the main ideas behind your system in that focus should be on replicability, description of all modules, software, data and settings that you have used.

Submission site


Review process

All papers will be reviewed by at least two reviewers, which will be recruited from you (task participants) as well as from the organization team. The purpose of the review process is to make sure that the papers respect basic requirements for a research paper, not to decide whether to accept them or not. Only papers which are below acceptable standard or submitted late will be excluded from the proceedings.